The Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW) is a political home for pan-Asian communities in Greater Boston. They are a member-led organization committed to building grassroots power through political education, creative expression, and issue-based and neighborhood organizing. At AARW, they envision a world free from violence and oppression, where people can live with dignity and have their basic needs met with ample opportunities to thrive. they seek a future that honors all Asian Pacific Islander communities, including diasporic and Indigenous People of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Pacific and Caribbean Islands, Native Hawaii, and Oceania.

A documentary that AARW worked on in collaboration with the Asian Outreach Center at Greater Boston Legal Services and Brian Redondo, a local filmmaker in NYC on the issue of Southeast Asian deportation, that highlighted the narratives and experiences of three Southeast Asian families AARW was organizing with against detention and deportation.