Kites to Southeast Asia: Providing services that aim to give hope and healing to unjustly deported community members, while raising awareness through education and advocacy.


Southeast Asian Americans (SEAA) who face potential deportation.


Source: SEARAC


Southeast Asian American community members are three to four times more likely to be deported for old convictions than those in other immigrant communities.

Source: SEARAC


Southeast Asian Americans (SEAA) facing deportation based on old criminal records (80% of total SEAA deportation orders, compared to 29% of all immigrants with deportation orders.)

Source: SEARAC

What happens when someone gets deported?

Deportees face a multitude of hardships as they navigate the challenges of deportation. Stripped away from their homes, families, and communities, they often encounter language barriers, limited job opportunities, and a lack of access to social support networks. Additionally, they may experience trauma from past experiences including war, violence, and displacement, further complicating their reintegration process. Systemic barriers, discrimination, and the constant threat of re-detention or separation from loved ones add to their immense hardships.

What is Kites to Southeast Asia and how does it help deported community members?

Kites to Southeast Asia is an advocacy effort started by New Breath Foundation and its crucial grantee partners, dedicated to supporting and advocating for Southeast Asian deportees. We provide resources, legal assistance, and community support to individuals who have been unjustly deported to Southeast Asian countries. Kites to Southeast Asia plays a vital role in raising awareness about the issues faced by deportees and advocating for fair and just U.S. immigration policies.

How You Can Help

There are several ways individuals can contribute to addressing the Southeast Asian deportation situation:

  • Educate yourself about Southeast Asian deportation and its underlying issues
  • Support advocacy organizations that work directly with Southeast Asian deportees
  • Raise awareness by sharing accurate information and engaging in conversations about the issue
  • Contact legislators, urging them to support fair immigration policies and advocate for reforms to protect the rights of deportees

“Is this your first time in Cambodia? Mine, too.”

Deported Southeast Asian American

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