Freedom, Inc. engages low-to-no-income communities of color in Dane County, Wisconsin. They work to achieve social justice through coupling direct services with leadership development and community organizing.

  • Impact Highlights
    Keeping Our Communities Safe: In dealing with the impacts of an international pandemic and being on the front lines during the Racial Rebellion summer of 2020, Freedom, Inc. staff faced tremendous struggles to keep our communities safe. They addressed this through:

    • a weekly food pantry that has now grown into a fully staffed Mutual Aid Program
    • 50+ Zoom political education sessions on topics such as racial justice, COVID safety, and gender justice
    • educating the community about Census 2020 and elections
    • community events where members eat, celebrate, and find joy amongst each other in these healing spaces
    • wellness pop-ups distributing PPE, food, and other basic household goods
  • No Cops in Schools: In 2020, this campaign succeeded in ending the local school district’s contract with the Madison Police in high schools. Freedom, Inc. hired six new Black and Queer staff members and leveraged resources to amp up their administrative services including developing strong wellness relief for staff.
  • Leadership Development: In 2021, they prioritized the development of new Black and Southeast Asian Queer leaders and continue to uplift and invest in their skills, political education, and wellness.
  • Staff Well-being: Implemented a three-week health and safety break where all staff had a chance to take a break from work and take care of themselves and their families.