Oakland Unified School District has a disproportionately high percentage of Pacific Islander students, yet never had programming to support them or meet their specific needs. OPIN was developed to change this. The organization supports Pacific Islander students to fully be Pacific Islander while growing up within U.S. culture, empowers them to live purpose-driven lives, and makes resources available to help them thrive. In 2022, OPIN ramped up its case management and mentorship programs, offered leadership programming, and launched its first OPIN resource center at Castlemont High School.

Impact Highlights:
OPIN brought on Alina Fa’aola as their first full-time staff and supported their board member recruitment. As a grassroots organization started as a project in the Oakland Unified School District, OPIN sought to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. As the process stalled, New Breath Foundation helped OPIN identify a fiscal sponsor who allowed OPIN staff to focus on program development. As the organization grows, they continue to work with a fiscal sponsor that can support their changing needs.

What’s Next:

OPIN is building their volunteer teams to support teaching and sharing leadership. They are excited to expand their OPIN Center model and envision growing until there is one at every school in Oakland. Their programs seek to deepen skills and capacity in trauma-based services and address the healing needs of their young community. OPIN seeks further resourcing, advising, and support for each of their efforts.