Survived & Punished (S&P) is a national coalition of survivor-centered, feminists of color organization working to free and support incarcerated survivors. The organization has three affiliates in California, New York, and Chicago, along with a national leadership core. Founded in 2016, Survived & Punished centers the interplay between surviving gender violence and being subjected to the violence of arrest, imprisonment, and/or deportation. They build resistance both inside and outside prison walls.

Survived & Punished believes that prisons, detention centers, all forms of law enforcement, and punitive prosecution are rooted in systems of violence, including racial, anti-trans/queer, sexual, and domestic violence. Their work specifically focuses on criminalized survivors to raise awareness about the integrated relationship between systems of punishment and the pervasiveness of gender violence. They aim to initiate mass defense projects that will free all survivors, which would require the abolition of prisons and other systems of punishment.