Location: HI, Pacific
Areas of Knowledge, Experience, Insight: Native Hawaiian issues, grassroots funding strategies, participatory grantmaking

Micky Huihui comes from the East side of Oʻahu Island. Her ancestors hail from Maui, Kauaʻi, and Niʻihau. She is descended from the indigenous people of this land. A community engagement lady by trade, Micky serves as an organizer in the larger movement for independence and self-determination in various capacities. She started at Hawaiʻi Peopleʻs Fund in 2016 as the Executive Director and soon found inherent parallels between community organizing and moving resources to movements at home, across issue areas. Micky firmly believes that social justice in Hawaiʻi begins with indigenous justice. In these weird huli days full of uncertainty, she feels so fortunate to be in service to the larger transformation of her beloved Hawaiʻi. This work has her believing that we will win—all of us—in our collective efforts for liberation, solidarity, and justice. Micky loves music, the ocean, her ʻohana (blood and chosen), and the moon.