Location: Bay Area, CA
Areas of Knowledge, Experience, Insight: Support for formerly incarcerated Southeast Asians, filmmaking and narrative, re-entry, state policy

Thanh Tran is a Vietnamese and Black, Amerasian, interdisciplinary artist, and racial justice organizer from Sacramento, California. While incarcerated, he co-founded Uncuffed the podcast and the incarcerated film production team ForwardThis Productions. He also co-founded Ella Baker Center’s Inside/Outside Fellowship, which amplifies currently incarcerated organizers with paid compensation, curriculum, and access to local coalitions and stakeholders. Today Thanh is the Director of Finding Má, a personal feature-length documentary. He recently served as the Policy Associate at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, where he worked in coalitions to pass legislation to increase civic engagement inside of carceral settings, reduce prison populations, and improve prison conditions. He currently sits on three Community Advisory Councils: New Breath Foundation, Asian Prisoner Support Committee, and Uncuffed.