McArthur Hoang is the youngest of 10, only child born in America from a Vietnamese refugee family. His family fled from Vietnam, landing by boat in the Philippines, and was granted political asylum. The Vietnam war had devastating effects on the Hoang family. Mac grew up in socially toxic environments that exposed him to life-altering trauma. Mac has lived experience, intersectionality and the interimbrication of adverse childhood experiences, disability, addiction, foster care, and carcerality more broadly. Mac has been intertwined with systems since he was a young child—most recently, Mac was released from prison in 2014 where he began to rebuild his life with the foundation of sobriety. Mac graduated with honors from the Sociology Department at UC Berkeley in 2020. Mac is the Reentry Manager at APSC supporting those reentering society from institutions. Because of his past experiences, Mac’s calling is to be of service to the community. Mac’s passions lie in supporting formerly incarcerated, foster youth, and disabled persons to find meaningful employment and improved life outcomes.