New Breath Foundation staff is committed to our ongoing learning about the issues that deeply impact our communities.  If you’d like to learn with us, here are a few resources from our previous discussion. This list is not exhaustive; we will continue to refresh this content as we come across new information.





  • 26. Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea Honolulu: Visions of a Sovereign Future – Hawai’i Rising (Hawaii Peoples Fund Podcast) – Link 1 (Podbean) / Link 2 (Spotify)
  • Hawaiiverse – EP 40. Leon Siu: The Hawaiian Kingdom, sovereignty, and stuff you didn’t know.
  • Crooked Media – Hawai’i: An American Coup (23 min) – Website link / Link 2 (Spotify)






  • Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea – Sovereignty Restoration Day, July 31 (annually)
  • kānaka maoli – native or indigenous Hawaiian
  • aloha ʻāina – deeply rooted love for and connection to the land
  • Kuleana – responsibility, often associated with it being a privilege